30+ Years of Jamco America

Together with our customers, we work to design and manufacture the highest quality, integrated cabin solutions that deliver passenger safety and comfort.

  • Our People – Our team of dedicated and diverse industry professionals enable us to be the global leader in designing and manufacturing aircraft interiors. We develop inspired and talented personnel who make things happen for our customers.

  • Our Reputation – Jamco America sets itself apart by embracing integrity through honesty, fairness and respect as fundamental to who we are. Trust is earned by doing the right thing consistently over time.

  • Our Partnerships – We continuously invest in developing strong customer relationships by fully understanding their current and long term needs and providing innovative solutions.

Jamco America is proud to be one of the most experienced turnkey aircraft interior integrators in the industry. With more than 2,400 commercial aircraft flying with Jamco America STC's spanned over 20 major airlines, our customers can be confident in selecting Jamco America products and services.

Established 1982

Based in Everett, Washington, adjacent to Boeing.

Head Office

1018 80th Street SW

Everett, WA 98203 USA


Over 400 full-time employees make Jamco America happen, from engineers to designers and fabricators.

Always Fly Together

Jamco America specializes in large fleet aircraft refurbishment and reconfiguration including: IFE, structural modification, electrical modification, seat re-pitch and installation, and cabinetry installation and rework.

Uniquely Qualified

Our in-house manufacturing group, testing facilities, technical publications, and ODA certification team gives our customers confidence in our ability to complete their projects on-time and on budget. In 2008 Jamco America was the first aircraft interiors company to receive ODA (Organization Designation Authorization) delegation from the FAA, which grants the authority to approve technical data and documents, issue STC's and air worthiness certifications, and perform inspections. This provides for a quicker return to service, reduced cost, and diminished scheduling risks for Jamco America customers' due to less reliance on FAA resources, and quicker issuance of an STC. Jamco America has more than 2,300 commercial aircraft flying with Jamco America STC's by more than 20 major airlines, with proven capabilities to provide the necessary design, substantiation, and installation data for aircraft modifications.

Jamco America is part of the Global Jamco Network consisting of multiple affiliated offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide which gives us the ability to respond to the changing demand of the industry as we continually push forward as a leading entity in the industry.



Jamco America supports its Products, Aircraft modifications and Customers with technical manuals produced by experienced aviation industry Writers and Illustrators using the latest electronic publishing tools.