JAMCO America Certification Experience

Jamco America has been involved in the aerospace industry in the U.S. for over 30 years and is an experienced design and production approval holder, including Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), Technical Standard Order (TSO) Authorization, and Production Certificate (PC). Jamco America currently holds 110 STC(s), 36 of which are for the Boeing Model 777 Series (777-200, -300, -300ER) aircraft, resulting in Jamco America STC installations on at least 380 aircraft of the current 777 Series fleet. These STC(s) have included the installation of both wall and seat track mounted flight attendant seats, standard mechanically operated economy class seats, electrically (including software) actuated lie-flat pod-style business/first class seats with inflatable restraints, lavatories, galleys, closets, VCCs, partitions, stow bins, IFE systems, mood lighting, emergency lighting, powered window shades, main deck and lower lobe crew rests, and other miscellaneous cabin interior components and systems. Jamco America is one of the few companies outside of Boeing with the capability to work directly with GE Aviation to approve revisions to the 777 Electrical Load Management System (ELMS) hardware and software components To accomplish these programs, Jamco America has worked directly with nearly every commercial aircraft interior supplier, including (but not limited to):


  • Koito Industries, Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan)
  • Recaro Aircraft Seating, GmbH & Co. KG (Schw√§bisch Hall, Germany)
  • Sicma Aero Seat (Issoudun, France)
  • EADS Sogerma (Rochefort, France)
  • B/E Aerospace (Winston-Salem, NC & Killkeel, Ireland)
  • Weber Aircraft LLC (Gainesville, TX)
  • Avio Interiors (Latina, Italy)
  • Contour Premium Aircraft seating (Camberley & South Wales, United Kingdom)
  • LifePort Inc. (Woodland, WA)
  • DeCrane Aircraft seating Company, Inc. (Peshtigo, WI)
  • Regent Aerospace Corporation (Valencia, CA)
  • Goodrich Seating Products (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • ZIM Flugsitz (Markdorf, Germany)


  • The Boeing C ompany (Everett, WA)
  • Jamco Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Sell GmbH (Herborn, German y)
  • C & D Z odiac (Various locations throughout CA)
  • Heath Techna (Bellingham, WA)
  • B/E Aerospace (Various locations throughout U.S.)
  • TTF Aerospace (Auburn, WA)
  • LifePort (Woodland, WA)
  • Custom Products, Inc. (M ooresville, NC)


  • Panasonic (Bothell, WA)
  • Thales (Various locations)
  • Rockwell Collins (Bothell, WA)
  • KID-Systeme GmbH (Bux tehude, Germany)
  • Lumexis Corporation (Costa Mesa, CA)
  • Crane Aerospace and Electronics
  • Precilec (Auxerre, France)
  • P.L. Porter (Burbank, C A)
  • Diehl Aerosystems (Various locations)
  • Bruce Industries (D ayton, NV)
  • Koito Industries (Yokohama, Japan)

Dynamic Testing

In addition to simply providing Part 25 approval for the installation of TSOA seats, Jamco has also been directly involved with the dynamic testing of attendant partition/seat systems for the Model 777 series aircraft, as well as the dynamic testing of passenger seats with inflatable lap belts for the Boeing Model 747 and 777 series aircraft. Jamco America is very familiar with the various Special Conditions associated with the installation of inflatable lap belts and have worked closely with AmSafe on several past projects, including demonstration of an Equivalent Level of Safety (ELOS) for oblique seat installation without an upper torso support or restraint system and a partial evacuation demonstration to evaluate the possible effects of deployed air bags on egress and emergency proximity lighting in the main aisle way.including both component level and installation level substantiation of seats and other interior furnishings, Jamco has developed an experienced and knowledgeable staff of DER(s)/Unit Members who are technical experts in their subject fields, including:

Testing Capabilities

To further support the certification and approval process, Jamco has also developed extensive testing capabilities, including many internal test labs at the Everett, WA facility, including:

Experienced Partners