Organization Designation Authorization (ODA)

As the first ODA authorized interiors integrator, Jamco America continues to lead the industry in certification services and feasibility guidance. As an ODA, Jamco America controls the certification schedule resulting in a more streamlined program and reduced aircraft down-time. Coupled with Jamco America's Production Certificate, our customers will realize abilities to compress the gap between prototype activity and follow-on aircraft modifications.

Organization Designation Authorization

Jamco America is the first aircraft interiors company to receive the FAA newest form of delegation – Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).ODA is an enhancement to the soon to expire Designated Alteration Station and allows Jamco America to perform several tasks on behalf of the FAA.STC ODA is authorized to approve technical data and documents, issue STCs, and perform inspections and issue airworthiness certificates. Jamco America's ODA allows for less reliance upon FAA resources, quicker issuance of an STC, quicker aircraft return to service and reduced cost and schedule risk.

Production Certificate

Jamco America's Production Certificate is an FAA approval to manufacture duplicate part and products under an FAA approved type design or a Jamco America ODA issued Supplemental Type Certificate. Jamco America may issue an airworthiness certificate for aircraft parts produced under the production certificate without further showing. An ODA Production Certificate emphasizes Jamco America's high standards for design, engineering, manufacturing and internal quality control disciplines in the production of aircraft interior parts and products.