Galley Insert

JAMCO offers our industry leading Galley Inserts such as the multiple-dish capacity Steam Oven, with it's quick cooking ability, is adaptable for a variety of passenger needs, and our Microwave Ovens with it's instant heating capability without compromising flavor of high quality cuisines.

Similar to the Galley itself, JAMCO Galley Inserts are functionally efficient, user-friendly, durable and light weight. In sequence with the debut of the Boeing 787, the model designs have been renewed.

Steam Oven

JAMCO's Steam Ovens can provide passengers with meals that are juicy and delicious, bringing out the intended flavor of the food.

Microwave Oven

Offers hot meals quickly. JAMCO's Microwave Oven supports the service is comparable to fine restaurants on the ground. At the same time meet the needs of passengers, is also popular in the cabin crews.

JAMCO's Microwave Oven satisfies stringent requirements of airworthiness and can be used with confidence during flight.