The lavatory has the unique characteristic of providing the only private area for passengers in the cabin. JAMCO devotes quality and functionality for creation of comfort and relaxing atmosphere in a limited space, while providing our customers consistent accomplished weight savings by advantageously using JAMCO's core competence of Weight Saving Technology. As always, safety is the utmost important element of all aircraft equipments and JAMCO ensures all requirements are fully adhered to.

JAMCO lavatories occupy almost a 50 percent market share, including B787 and all other Boeing wide-body aircraft as well as being the world's first and sole supplier of the aircraft bidet system supplied on to the B777 and B787. JAMCO provides quality, on-time delivery, competitive cost pricing and always safe and comfortable products.

JAMCO Lavatories

Not only is JAMCO the sole supplier of latest technology passenger aircraft B787, but also the only supplier source for B747, B767 and B777.

Demonstration of JAMCO's creativity and transcendent high quality/gorgeous products are evident and displayed proudly in the first class section of major airlines.

Touch-less Faucet

In an age of increased hygiene awareness, JAMCO's single-action, time-delay and touch-less faucets give you instant, affordable ways to bring your inflight product up to date. Hands-free or one-touch water flow makes washing easier, especially for users with limited reach or mobility. Both wall- and deck-mount models are available, and all models are interchangeable with existing faucets.

Counters, Mirrors and Lights

JAMCO's light and attractive counter materials reduce weight while improving the lavatory environment. And they give you the freedom to modify existing lavatories in any number of ways depending on service class, aircraft type, etc.

Bidet System

Collaboration with Boeing, ANA, and TOTO, JAMCO accomplished with earnest the installation of a warm water shower toilet, during which the process overcoming a number of engineers challenges such as pitch and roll of aircraft, and limitation of water tank capacity.

Touch-less Flush Sensor

The hygiene oriented newly developed products of touch-less faucet sensors are available with all the Lavatories of B787 aircraft as standard equipment.