Flammability Testing

Our internal Fire Properties Laboratory is capable of performing a variety of testing in compliance with the requirements of 14 CFR Part 25.853 in accordance with Appendix F and the FAA Fire Test Hand Book:

  1. Bunsen Burner
  2. Heat Release
  3. Smoke Density
  4. Fire Containment

Additionally, our facility can provide engineering and qualification testing to the requirements of BSS 7238 and 7239:

  1. Smoke and Toxicity

The laboratory is FAA qualified and has several Fire Properties DER(s) / ODA Unit Members on staff with authorization to review and approve Fire Properties Test Plans and Reports, as well as perform test witnessing on behalf of the FAA. We also have ODA Inspection Unit Members capable of inspecting and determining conformity of test articles.

For more information on pricing and other capabilities, please contact customer_service@jamco-america.com